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Introducing our Manifestation Waistbeads called SOULMATE – more than just a stunning accessory, they are your spiritual companion on the journey to finding your divine soulmate. Whether it's discovering the depths of your own being or connecting with a kindred spirit in the world, these waistbeads are crafted to channel positive energy and guide you towards alignment.

These beads serve as a reminder to focus on becoming the right person for yourself and for the potential soulmate you seek. Before tying on the waistbeads, take a moment to set your intentions – envision the qualities you want to cultivate within and attract from others. As you tie them on, you initiate a powerful commitment to your personal and relational growth.

Listen to your intuition, that inner voice guiding you toward your goals. The manifestation waistbeads are intricately linked to your intuitive senses. If you stray from your authentic path or neglect the intentions you set, the beads may break – not as a sign of failure, but as a warning and gentle reminder to realign with your true self.

Pay attention to the warnings these breaks signify. Your gut instincts are powerful allies on the journey to self-discovery and attracting your divine soulmate. Let the broken beads be a call to reassess and course-correct, trusting that the universe is guiding you toward the right path.

Wear our Manifestation Waistbeads jSoulmate with the knowledge that they are not just adornments; they are symbols of your commitment to personal and relational evolution. Embrace the positive energy they exude and allow them to be your constant companions on the remarkable journey to finding your divine soulmate within or out in the world.

+ You can choose to accept or reject this manifestation

+ Traditional tie-on 


Shipping takes about 3-5 business days . Handmade items take 5-10 days.

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