"LV Girl" Nail Set

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If you're a LV girl this set is for you. These are milky white nails with two holographic nails and two nails blasts with colorful LV logo prints. Perfect set to stunt on these haters 

About our Royal Press On Nails

-Hand-painted Press On Nail Set

-Thick and Durable. It won't bend

-Flexible at the base for a comfortable fit 


-No chipping

-Can be easily applied


Whats included

-One set: 10 Nails- so the pattern/design won't vary on everyone's nails. Everyone's nail sizes are different! That is why I want you to measure your nails ,so the set matches perfectly.


-Nail glue

-Cuticle Pusher

-Application and Removal  Instructions


Our Nails can be worn up two week or longer with proper glue application. To reapply remove glue on your nail with a filer and the press-on using a e-filer. 

*** Keep in mind that each set is hand-painted, so each set will not be identical but it will be close for damn sure.  ***

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review