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Waistbead Size

Spring time pastel colored waistbeads in blue and metallic purple. Made with high quality Czech Republic  glass beads!! 
She is called ✨INTUNED✨We manifested that you will have a deeper connection with your inner vision of your own life. Spiritually connected to what the universe wants you to know about life and to discover what makes you truly ecstatic about your journey. Life is too short to be unhappy with what you choose to do EVERYDAY! These beads will make you more intune with yourself and your intuition. Connecting mind body and spirit. Maybe taking a trip down memory lane to see what the child in you used to love to create when the world didn’t change your perception of who you are or what you should be or look like. 222 change is happening and Blessings are moments away.

+ These waistbeads pair perfectly with the ALIGNMENT waistbeads. 

+ Upon arrival accept or reject the manifestation before putting them on

These are traditional tie-on waistbeads 


Shipping takes about 3-5 business days . Handmade items take 5-10 days.

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