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"Corvette Corvette" Nail Set

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These black, white and bright yellow nails screams unique. It will have everyone asking you about your nails. Just a set that will make you feel that ______!


About our Royal Press On Nails

-Hand-painted Press On Nail Set

-Thick and Durable. It won't bend

-Flexible at the base for a comfortable fit 


-No chipping

-Can be easily applied


Whats included

-One set: 10 Nails- so the pattern/design won't vary on everyone's nails. Everyone's nail sizes are different! That is why I want you to measure your nails ,so the set matches perfectly.


-Nail glue

-Cuticle Pusher

-Application and Remove Instructions


Our Nails can be worn up two week or longer with proper glue application. To reapply remove glue on your nail with a filer and the press-on using a e-filer. 

*** Keep in mind that each set is hand-painted, so each set will no be identical but it will be close for damn sure.  ***


Shipping takes about 3-5 business days . Handmade items take 5-10 days.

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